Magoun Square - Construction End In Sight

We are pleased to announce that several sources inside City Hall have confirmed that Mass Highway, the project managers of the Magoun Square project, plan to finish up next week(weather permitting) with the long awaited re-paving of the Magoun Square sections of Medford St and Broadway.

Although there will be the usual punch list of items to be addressed, we are pleased that this project should meet the expected completion date.

First conceived of by a group of area residents and businesses, the project includes some new underground utilities, updated traffic signalization, reconstructed(and ADA compliant) sidewalks, repaving of Medford St and Broadway within the square, new energy efficient and decorative street lights, benches, trees, crosswalks, bike racks, and other amenities.

The funding source for this project was obtained through a $2.3 million dollar Federal Stimulus and Recovery Act grant.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call or emial me.


Joe Lynch