Hello Magoun Square and Ward 5 Neighbor,                                                              October, 2013

I am writing today to proudly announce my support and endorsement of Mark Niedergang for our next Ward 5 Alderman.

Since 2001 and the founding of the Magoun Square Neighborhood Association, we have worked with our state and city officials to steadily improve our neighborhood, Ward 5 and our great city.  We have enjoyed and appreciated the support of many of those officials, including the Ward 5 School Committeeman Mark Niedergang.  Mark has worked not only to improve the education of our next generation of Somervillians, but has also worked to secure their future in our city.  I am asking you to support Mark when he takes the job as Ward 5 Alderman to further those efforts.

We have fought for support of the $2.5 million rehabilitation of Magoun Square.  The fruits of our efforts are evident for all to see.  We have battled for the enhancements at Trum Field and the Henry Hanson Park.  And many of you stood together with us to make sure the community path is extended to our neighborhood, to make sure the former rodent filled, blight on our neighborhood, then known as MaxPac, became the now vibrant and transit oriented residential community known as Maxwell’s Green, and we will continue to stand together to make sure the MBTA fulfills their obligation and returns a T stop to our neighborhood when the Green Line is extended.

We need a strong, experienced, consistent and loyal advocate in this fight who knows how to advocate for constituents.  For eight years Mark has earned the praise and support of his constituents --- not just parents, but from all voters who have continued to return him to office.  He has shown not just a maturity in his advocacy of our rights and needs to City Hall, but has shown he does not have to bend to outside interests to get the job done.

While we have achieved much in our neighborhood and ward, we need a strong advocate who can not only advocate for filling potholes, addressing health and safety issues and use their experience to make wise municipal decisions, but through that experience, can see the bigger picture for our neighborhood, our ward and our community.

I invite you to join me in casting your important vote for Mark Niedergang on November 5, 2013.  Together there is no limit to what our neighborhood, our ward and our city can be.

Thank You.
Joe Lynch – Founder
Magoun Square Neighborhood Association